Remote Desktop Isolation (RBI)

Oct 25 2023

what is remote desktop isolation

What is Remote Desktop Isolation?

Remote Desktop Isolation (RDI) is a security strategy that a temporary desktop is created on the remote server. This technique ensures that the remote session is isolated from the local device. Imagine you want to analyze malware, and you need an isolated desktop from your local device

How it works

When you want to connect to a remote desktop session, and the remote server creates an isolated, temporary desktop, where you can do your business, after disconnecting to the remote desktop, everything is destroyed.


  • Enhanced Security

    By isolating user sessions, even if one session is compromised, it does not necessarily mean that the entire system is at risk. This limits the potential damage a cyberattack can cause.

  • Resource Efficiency

    Remote Desktop Isolation optimizes resource utilization. Instead of assigning dedicated servers to individual users, it allows multiple users to work on a single server, significantly reducing hardware costs.

  • Improved User Experience

    Each user experiences their own isolated environment, free from interference or slowdowns caused by other users. This results in a smoother, more responsive workspace, enhancing productivity.


In an era where remote work is increasingly prevalent, Remote Desktop Isolation emerges as a pivotal security measure. By segregating user sessions, this technique fortifies the digital workspace, safeguarding sensitive data and bolstering productivity.